Söderberg (2019)

Berlin based fashion label focusing on ultra masculine aesthetics. Our work is to design and develop a powerful and unique online store that not following the codes ︎ Visit Website

Eliptik Magazine (2014)

Montreal based magazine & organization focusing on the obscur in Music, Cinema, Fashion and Visual Arts fields. Our work was to develop a mysterious identity and to take care of their editorial’s layout ︎ Visit the Website

Atelier Kesa (2018—)

Clothing brand focusing on minimal yet elegant silhouettes with an artisanal approach. For this project we were in charge of their visual identity, online presence and product photography for the Fall/Winter 2019 collection ︎ Visit the Website

Instant/s (2016)

Montreal based one-off multidisciplinary festival showcasing multiple concerts, screenings and conferences around the theme “Instant/s”. Our work was to develop their visual identy and build a unique website ︎ Visit the Website

Dystopian (2016—18)

Berlin based record label and booking agency focusing on electronic dance music. Our mandat was to refresh their visual identity, design multiple posters/flyers, take care of the creative direction & layouts for multiple releases and merch ︎ Buy Record

Centre PHI (2016)

Center dedicated to Arts and Innovation, the PHI  offers a large selection of cultural events. Our mandat was to work on two unique posters/collages for a series of two electronic music nights in collaboration with Eliptik Magazine.

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