Berlin / Toulouse

Concept, visual identity and layout for Montreal based magazine Eliptik (2016)

Series of posters for Dystopian’s events at Arena Club (unpublished, not allowed for diffusion)

Visual identity, e-commerce website, product photography, tags/hangtags and packagings for clothing brand Atelier Kesa (2019)

Album cover and posters for musician Rodhad, released on Dystopian (2018)

Concept and visual identity for Montreal based multidisciplinary festival Instant/s (2017)

Concept, visual identity, e-commerce website and exclusive boxette design for record label Liberation Through Hearing (2019)

Posters, flyers and and illustrations for a series of event at Centre PHI (2016)

Artwork selection for Dystopian’s album covers (view all here)

Visual identity and website maquette for French phsychologist Maria Hernandez (2019)

Handcrafted cards for clothing brand Atelier Kesa (2019)