To meticulously separate the essential from the superficial when it comes to aesthetic and graphic elements is the core of our work. We seek for clarity and authenticity in order to add value to our projects and commissioned works.

The Studio—

Since 2014, Studio Langel works with clients from the music, fashion and cultural fields and continuously strive to develop timeless, yet contemporary solutions with a minimal approarch to design and aesthetics. 

Nina Langel—

Beside her studies in Graphic Design & Visual Arts (2011—2016), Nina quickly extended her set of skills to Creative Direction and Webdesign. Able to understake a project from the conceptual to the concrete, she can as well partner with a creative/marketing team to help develop all types of project or simply help you out as creative consultant.

Anthony Vialleton—

Web/App developper since 2010 Anthony is focusing on a developing intuitive yet innovative solutions. His perfect addition to the studio allows us to shape fully unique ideas, to empower your work or your products. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Design Studio